The goals of the treatment include:

  • • Interrupt the drinking or drug using behavior.
  • .Detoxification of the individual from chemicals.
  • .Break through the denial mechanism of the illness.
  • .Break through the barriers of isolation and loneliness which separates from family, friends and society.
  • .Identify and interrupt destructive family and social relationship, and replace them with positive ways of thinking and behaving.
  • .Discover new and healthier ways of coping with feelings.
  • .Establish new communication patterns which will enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • .Encourage lifestyle changes necessary to sustain continuing abstinence.
  • .Treatment for co-dependency and helping to bring constructive and more meaningful relationships in family.
  • .Introduction to self-help groups at home in the community.
  • .Christian
  • .Detoxification
  • .Alcoholism Treatment
  • .Drug Addiction Treatment
  • .Family Counseling
  • .Out Patient
  • .Relapse Prevention
  • .Substance Abuse Counseling
  • .Yoga & Meditation
  • .Youth Substance Abuse Counseling

SERVICES & Features

✓ Medication detoxification

✓ Family sessions / mediation

✓ Couples sessions / mediation

✓ Accredited counsellors

✓ 24/7 support

✓ Aftercare packages available

✓ Support for your family

✓ Empathetic staff

✓ Peer mentor support

✓ No hidden costs

✓ Help in groups or individually depending on your needs


“As a multi-disciplinary organization with complementing business verticals, ZOE REVIVE . offers end-to-end solutions in Center."

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